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Please use this form to order additional features for existing accounts only. To order any new services, please return to the Ordering Options page.

Information about You and Your Account

The following information is required by GlobalFront to verify that you have the authority to request any addition or installation of features to an existing account. Processing of this request is subject to verification of your account record with GlobalFront.

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Features Requested

Install Global Web Control Panel (Free):  
Reinstall GWCP ($5.00):  
Install FrontPage2000 Extensions (Free):  
Reinstall FrontPage2000 Extensions ($5.00):  

Add POP3/FTP Accounts

For FTP Order Only:
If the user login should be restricted to one directory, then please enter the name of the directory:

Request for Any Other Feature

Please use this space to order extra disk space, autoresponder, mailing lists, listservers, web design service for existing accounts, Global Web Control Panel or any other service advertised in our site. Please specify feature names and prices:

Cost* and Payment

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E. Total Payment Amount:
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Payment Option:

*GlobalFront Web Services is registered in the states of Minnesota and Iowa. If your billing address is in Iowa or Minnesota, then you would need to add, or authorize us to add, Minnesota State Sales Tax (6.875 percent), Minnesota Local Sales/Use Taxes (if applicable), or Iowa Use Tax (6.00 percent) to the net total for all orders.

(GlobalFront's Minnesota Sales/Use Tax Permit # is 8022142)
(GlobalFront's Iowa Use Tax Permit # is 2-00-151660)

By clicking the submit button below, I request for the addition and or installation of the services/features specified in this form to the specified account. I confirm that I have read and understood the description of the features that I am requesting for on this order form.

I understand that if the price of any of the features requested on this form has increased, GlobalFront will notify me before processing the request and offer me an option of continuing or canceling the order. Otherwise, I confirm that my request for the specified features/services is final, and that I am making or will make appropriate payments for the requested services on time.
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