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Payment by Mail: Please make your check, bank-draft or money-order payable to "GlobalFront Web Services".  Please include the form below or at least your domain or account name(s) along with your payment.  All personal or business checks, cashier's check and money-order drawn on U.S. Banks are welcome.  International bank drafts or international money-orders must be payable in US dollars, preferably drawn on a US Bank.   Please mail your payment to the following address. Thanks.
GlobalFront Web Services
Attn: Accounts
1769 Lexington Ave N., # 166
Roseville, MN 55113

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*GlobalFront Web Services is registered in the states of Minnesota and Iowa. If your billing address is in Minnesota or Iowa, then you would need to add, and/or authorize us to add, Minnesota State Sales Tax (6.875 percent) plus any additional Local Sales/Use Taxes (if applicable), or Iowa Use Tax (6.00 percent) to the net total for all orders.

(GlobalFront's Minnesota Sales/Use Tax Permit # is 8022142)
(GlobalFront's Iowa Use Tax Permit # is 2-00-151660)

By signing this form and mailing it in along with my check, I authorize GlobalFront to process my check as payment for the services specified. If this check is returned unpaid, then I also authorize GlobalFront to draft my account for the face amount of this check AND appropriate returned check fees (minimum $25.00). I agree to abide by GlobalFront Policies as posted in GlobalFront website at  
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